Canadian Producers Take Production to Next Level in Hollywood

Source: Variety

As Hollywood converges in Toronto and things get noisy, some Canadian film production and financing companies are using the home-field advantage to talk up fresh ideas and announce new projects in a market milieu that feels both untethered and exciting.

“This is a frothy time for content — it’s a perfect moment in entertainment history to get in the game in a disciplined way,” says Unbranded Pictures co-founder Eddy Moretti.

Moretti capped off 20 years as Vice Media’s chief creative officer by greenlighting Vice’s investment in Scott Z. Burns’ political thriller “The Report,” and ended up stepping in to finance the other half after hatching his new company. Amazon bought “Report” at Sundance for $14 million; after Toronto, the film will have a short theatrical run before streaming on Prime Video in October.

“The options for distribution are growing, and the content marketplace has become a good place to invest money and it doesn’t look like it’s slowing down,” continues Moretti, who is well-known to the Canadian investor community from his time at Vice and has leveraged connections to build investment in Unbranded and in a fund that allows the company to self-finance films coming out of development.